Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Starting a Trip in Acts

Yesterday may have been a rough day, but I made it. I may have shed a few tears, had a little family airport drama, my suitcase may have ripped, I may have lost my staightner, and I may have a shirt that is slightly covered in puke, but I’m here. And even though yesterday as I sat on the plane, my head pounding and having someone else for once be the mommy that I usually am, there was a few seeds of doubt as to what I was I thinking. However, most of that was wiped away once we met Chad and he asked us what we wanted for dinner. The first choice out of his mouth was burger king. I could have cried. I got to eat a whopper, one of my most favorite things in the world, my first night here. It helped to relieve some of the trepidation that I had been feeling on the plane.

The other interns seem nice. I am both excited and nervous to get to know them. The other girls all seem so young and have so much school ahead of them. I’ m no stranger to knowing that I’m older than everyone around me, but it also makes me feel like I’m home. It will be a good six weeks. And I know that because of what GOD has done to get me here and because I’m both willing and ready to be used by HIM. I decided to read through the book of Acts while I’mhere, since its about the first missions trips. GOD brought to my attention in chapter 1 where they are replacing Judas. There were two men, Matthias and Barsabas, both were willing to be used, but when the disciples prayed and asked GOD, HE chosed Matthias. GOD knows who HE wants to use, but GOD can only choose who is willing. I’m willing and I believe that GOD has chose me to be here, and to serve HIM. And while I am scared to be here, I don’t feel worthy enough to be here, and while I harbor some feelings that I shouldn’t be here, the truth of the matter is that I am here. I’m in the Dominican Republic. And I’m here with a willing heart that is ready to be conformed and transformed to what GOD has planned for me. This is the adventure that I’ve been praying and dreaming for. This is the adventure that I’m ready to live.

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