Tuesday, March 16, 2010

after a conversation on flowers

i was asked my opinion
on the giving of flowers.

give a girl flowers
declare your infatution,
give a girl roses
declare you intentions.
give a girl her favorite,
ones she dreams of,
declare your love.

i was asked my opinion
on the giving of daisys,

daisys are sweet,
love at its most tender,
red roses are overdone,
love at its most dull,
her favorite flowers,
the best of all,
love at its deepest.

i was asked my opinion
on the giving of favorites,

flowers on the whole
are gratefully recieved,
be it roses or daisys,
but give her the favorite,
and watch her melt.

i was asked my opinion
on my favorite flower,

daffodils were my quick reply,
but for me,
and the woman i am,
i will find myself settling
for the flowers that grow
along the road.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

the weaving of a woman

she is built of strong cedars,
two pillars standing
supporting the clouds
from which threads
of Heaven run down,
spinning around her head
and torso,
down her legs,
to her warp weighted feet.

wefting across her body
is a trapestry of events,
birth, death,
love, stillness...
each a seam

hear the heddle
rakin from horizon to horizon,
closing them off.
beat her down
good and tight
watch her grow taller,
streching from
madder red earth to
woad blue sky,
spun strengh sewn into her being.
colors weaving a waltz through her flesh,
perfecting the pattern,
that balance between beauty
and practically,
the ever present need
the desirous want,
meticously striving
to become the line
that converges the two
into captivating lovliness...

for all gaze amaze
at the weaving of a woman.