Monday, December 28, 2009

the beauty of truth

There is something truly amazing when you're doing what you feel that GOD would want you to do, and watching HIM work out the details. So many times, i wonder if i'm doing the right thing. if i'm following the correct path, if i'm minding all the details. my mind becomes so rigid and overwhelmed with the tiniest of mistakes, all of them deciding that i'm not doing what's right, what i'm suppose to do. however, then you see something that can only be the work of the LORD, and it brings you to your knees. But there is still this demon in my mind, that i'm still wrong. that this is not what i think it to be, and come the moment of truth, it was all a lie. so many past lies makes it hard to even hope for the truth. there is something about a lie that is completely devasting. just as the beauty of the truth brings you to your knees in reverence of a being higher more powerful than yourself, so too does a lie. a lie will drop you to your knees, then to all fours, making it hard to breath as it kicks you in your stomach, your back. if you had hoped to much, it'll knock you off your knees, till your face is level with the dirt. perhaps that is why so many times we fear the truth, because if it turns out to be a falsehood, we become that much more hardened. but if it turns out to be truth, how glorious is that moment? that moment of color and harmony, when the world is our friend, and we rejoice in all it has to offer. i guess its the old proverbial mountain and valley. however, how much more wonderful is the mountain that we watched GOD form before our eyes? maybe that is the most beautiful thing about the truth, the fact that it was created for us by GOD. GOD is truth, therefore, HE creates it. its beautiful, just like the CREATOR. and therefore, truth is beauty.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


sunlight creeps
touching tender tips
of her.
chest expands
with first breath,
body releashes
with first sigh.

fingers on her face
touching nose, mouth, cheeks...
first smile
suspended in arms
strong as mountains
old as love

tiny hand wraps
around Fatherly finger,
a forehead kiss
a protective look.
eyes open...
take in the face
of pure adoration
in this intimate
humbling moment
of a captivating creation.