Saturday, July 10, 2010

una noche del rio (a night by the river)

basking in Your glory
i close my eyes to the
wonders of Your
roaring rivers
of rapturous rapids
race past my window
tracing the toes of
marvelous mountains
that touch the sky.
the Heavens abound
in starlight
perfect ambiance
to the sleepy, silhouetted
earth made of Your hands.

i am in awe of
the God who
whispers breezes
who created green
and blue
the world explodes
in song
of Your magnitude
they speak of the
whose essence
pours on this earth
like a waterfall
whose beauty sways
like a coursing river
whose might stands taller
than the mountains
Your beauty and imagination

i breathe it in
feeling my chest expand
with Your creation
i close my eyes
and let Your breeze
kiss my face
within my rapt

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