Saturday, February 6, 2010

Old Thoughts and Writings

Falling Into Autumn

mother nature’s last chance
for a burst of beauty
before hibernation.
bedecked in hues
of orange, red, and brown.
her hair falls and
crumples into dust
under tennis shoes and hunting boots.
skin drying and hardening,
her own winter coat,
while a chill captures
and imprisons former
summer breezes
that smelled of sunshine
and freshly mowed lawns.
autumn has her own smell,
packed with pumpkins,
old school books,
musty attics of winter clothes,
faintly of snow.
hear her voice,
whipping and weaving
with the wind,
the sound of the hunt
on frosty nights
under the harvest moon.
she dances the equinox
to the rhythm of death
that descends in gusts
of grey and white,
rendering her frozen.


a budding village
filled with people
like an orchard
in full bloom.

the women gather
selling fruit and flowers
growing, branching
out to each other,
a network of sturdy limbs.

her hands are smooth,
with short, but slender fingers,
hands of a sapling
prized for future harvest.

her hands searching for fruit
trace the curves of apples
lightly brush the plump oranges
grasps and weighs
the green banana bunches.

I watch her and wonder
if she is a pear,
that ripe womanly fruit,
her hands the stems
connecting her to the village vine.

Wondering out loud
she turns, startled
but responds,
“no, I am merely a flower.”
that young blossom.

Finding God

a breeze rustles
her hair
winding its way
across her face.

squinting into the sun
she raises her hand
shielding herself
from that which
to save.

she scans
the clouds
for God
or angels
while her shadow
at her feet
her appearance
while a world
searches and looks
along a wide path
filled with black shadows.

drenched in the son’s light,
orange in color,
yellow of Heaven
red of forgiveness
tinged with pure white
she feels
the surrender.

a breeze rustles,
a gentle hand
encasing her
like a vessel of glass,
but firm,
a father and
his newborn.

staring into the sun,
she drops her hand.

scanning the clouds
searching for God
she finds Him
smiling at her.

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