Tuesday, January 5, 2010

easier love and reflections

Easier Love (12/23/09)

Your love for me
is unquestionable.
than love here on earth.
each person
a lingering look
that questions feelings
on every level...

yet Your love,
shown with
spread arms,
open hands,
is without doubt,
is without fear,
without disappointment...

You are the stars,
the moon,
giving soft light,
bathing my face
in Your radiance.
You are the ocean
swelling around
my ankles and toes,
covering past footprints
of place I should
not have been.
You are a dance
in the renewing rain,
sliding down my arms,
in my hair,
soak You in
like the love song
You are,
filling my heart,
my soul
with Your love,
Your unquestionable love,
Your never failing love,
easier love
than here on earth...

Reflections 12/31/09

i bumped into you once,
memory adds tiny details
i don't fully remember...
like my breath
caught in my throat,
our eyes locked,
hands lingering
on shoulders
and arms...
a second or two reaction
engraved as
moments of eternity
when the world slowed
down to extend time
for a moment that
maybe didn't happen
quite as i reflected...

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